Con ownCloud para iOS, 3.8 + 1.3 es en realidad 11.4, confía en nosotros

To make iOS app version numbers unambiguous, ownCloud takes a numerical giant leap.

The fresh version of the ownCloud App for iOS packs a lot of features, improvements and fixes. It also is the first version of the ownCloud iOS App in quite a while that Enterprise Edition customers can have branded to reflect their corporate identity. When we published our shiny new iOS App rebuilt-from-the-ground in 2019, we focused on stability, scalability and features. Since then, it has gotten quite a set of functionalities and can now swiftly handle upwards of 100,000 files without signs of choking. So now is the time to re-introduce the branding option for our Enterprise Edition customers.

That decision gave our engineers an unusual nomenclatural nut to crack. When the last brandable version is 3.8.1, the legacy ownCloud App, and the last regular version is 1.3.2, can we really call the next version 1.4? Would it create confusion? For us, real world user experience and dependability are key. We can’t have users, admins and our support staff guessing. Then we remembered the words of the great Nigel Tufnel: “You know what we do? Put it up to 11”. So we decided to chip in another digit to make it unambiguous – and call the next ownCloud iOS App 11.4.

11.4 really is worth the upgrade from 3.8.1: the new app architecture is much more stable and robust than the legacy app. It supports state-of-the-art mobile device management and provides key functionality in-app, such as document scanning an editing, integrates nicely with the iOS Files App and has comprehensive offline functionalities. For added security, there is support for biometric locking, a new certificate trust model and support for password managers, among other things. For now, self-service branding is not available yet. The branded 11.4 app installs as an upgrade to the 3.8.1 app, guiding users through the migration of their accounts and settings. Please contact us if you’d like to upgrade to a branded 11.4 ownCloud iOS App.

There even is a migration assistent for taking you up to eleven, upgrading branded apps safely from 3.8.1 to 11.4

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