Enabling organizations to control the lifecycle of files

Automatically archive and then delete files that are no longer needed, ensuring data protection and compliance with regulations.

The ownCloud File Lifecycle Management enterprise extension makes compliance with data protection regulation straightforward and also helps save storage space. It enables organizations to automate the rules-based archiving and deleting of files as required by a number of different regulations. The extension archives, retains and then deletes files based on the time passed since their upload date. Optionally, archived files can be recovered.

In detail
When a file is uploaded, it is archived after a set use period, defined in days. Then, after another set period of time, the file is automatically deleted. To bring a file back from archive, users can restore files in self-service (soft policy) or request file restoration through an admin or group admin if the capability is restricted (hard policy). After restoration, the file is available again until the set use period expires anew and the file is automatically archived. The extension integrates seamlessly with the activity stream as well as the audit extension. All actions are logged so you can see who did what in which file or folder. The logs can be audited for security and compliance and, if needed, be shared with e.g. the data subject as specified in GDPR and similar legislation.

For whom
The new File Lifecycle Management enterprise extension is particularly worthwhile for organizations involved with case-based processes that should not be kept longer than necessary to complete a case. Some files may only be kept as long as they are in active use, because they contain personal data. Other files have to be kept longer, because organizations may be legally required to keep them for a certain retention period. The extension is also a boon for storage space economy by making files temporary by design and thereby preventing the costly piling up of unused, outdated files.

The final lifecycle management enterprise extension has already been in use by a select number of clients in stealth mode. Now, after evaluating those deployments and finishing the support workflows and documentation chapters, we are proud to release it for all of our enterprise customers. You can test-drive it with the 30-day enterprise trial, too.

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