StorCentric Launches Cloud-Enabled Data Mobility Suite (DMS) Software Platform

Empowers Customers to Eliminate Data Silos, While Managing and Controlling Data to Address IT, Business, and Budgetary Requirements — Simplifying Data Management While Ensuring Maximum ROI

StorCentric, a global provider of world-class and award-winning data management solutions, today announced the general availability launch of its Data Mobility Suite (DMS), the first StorCentric branded software solution. The new all-inclusive software solution enables seamless data migration, data replication, and data synchronization across heterogeneous, mixed media storage deployments – including disk, tape, and cloud. DMS empowers customers to eliminate data silos and move data to the platform and/or environment best suited to meet their IT, business, and budgetary requirements, thereby dramatically simplifying data management while ensuring maximum ROI on all current and future storage investments.

DMS is non-disruptive software that supports vendor-agnostic file migration, replication, and synchronization. Through the use of policies and a user-friendly GUI, DMS streamlines processes and protects data in transit to/from the cloud with SSL encryption. Able to transfer millions of files simultaneously, DMS can be easily deployed on any non-proprietary server.

“Data mobility has become a key issue for IT teams as they accelerate their integration of multiple cloud providers alongside existing infrastructure,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at ESG. “This also means that data strategies have to adapt, and StorCentric’s Data Mobility Suite will help organizations stay in control of their data, wherever it resides, today, tomorrow, and into the future.”

“Data migration, data replication, and data synchronization can be complicated endeavors that result in creating obstacles, instead of delivering the strategic business value, IT benefits, and budgetary advantages for which they were intended,” said Surya Varanasi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), StorCentric. “The StorCentric DMS platform allows for seamless movement of data in heterogenous hybrid cloud infrastructures. This capability eliminates vendor lock-in and enables content sharing opportunities.”

“The StorCentric DMS helps us to streamline our end customers’ data movement onto new systems by efficiently ingesting legacy files with fine-grained filtering and continuous incremental updates,” said Sevda Imranova, Owner and President, Citadel NY. “In doing so, we can ensure our customers’ new systems are ready for use as quickly as possible.”

StorCentric Data Mobility Suite (DMS) Features and Functionality:

  • Data Migration – DMS streamlines point-to-point data movement and tackles data flow requirements from any storage platform to another. Fine-grained filtering and continuous incremental updates alleviate the challenges of moving and consolidating data across heterogeneous environments.
  • Data Replication – DMS provides complete visibility and management control via an intuitive interface (GUI) for efficient replication and content distribution across on-premises, remote, and cloud resources. Files can be replicated from anywhere to anywhere, quickly and securely, addressing business continuity, disaster recovery (DR), and archive requirements, as well as legal and regulatory compliance mandates. Organizations with remote branch offices can ensure fast, local access to critical files, to gain the greatest efficiency and capabilities at the edge. Reverse workflows enable easy data consolidation from remote locations back to central locations.
  • Data Synchronization – DMS enables files to be synchronized across multiple storage repositories, including disk and tape, as well as private and public cloud providers. DMS ensures internal and external users can be provided with safe, secure, and uninterrupted access to all applicable data.
  • S3 Cloud Connector – DMS includes an object storage cloud connector supporting Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, and IBM ICOS, as well as many others, enabling multiple on- and off-premises workflow processes to co-exist.

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