Soliton SecureDesktop, a new two-month free trial

Soliton Systems, a global provider of IT security solutions, has launched a new two-month free trial of its secure remote working solution, Soliton SecureDesktop.

The free trial will enable companies to provide secure remote access for an unlimited number of users and respond to the challenge of scaling remote working provisioning quickly during these challenging times. 

SecureDesktop provides users with secure remote access to their corporate PC or Mac, within the company network, from an unmanaged device. It can be used on home computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

It provides a fast, secure connection to work computers and networks, with the setup process taking minutes rather than hours. It is the first remote access software to provide host and client digital certificates (TLS 1.2 and 256-bit AES encryption).

Hans-Peter Ponten, Product Manager at Soliton Systems Europe, explains:

“Now, more than ever, companies need secure, scalable solutions for remote access. Allowing employees to access the company network using an unmanaged device is risky. But issuing company laptops is expensive. 

“SecureDesktop mitigates the risks typically experienced when allowing employees to access the company network with an unmanaged device and means companies do not need to issue laptops to all employees. It uses additional security layers to ensure both the office computer and home device are authenticated with digital certificates. Employees can work safely from home, as if using their work computer, and companies can be confident users will not inadvertently introduce viruses or malware to the network.” 

SecureDesktop enables users to remote control their company PC on the corporate network, without the need for a VPN connection — VPNs are resource-intensive to manage and susceptible to an array of different vulnerabilities. Only the office PC’s screen is transferred to the remote access device in a session, so no corporate data is transferred outside the company. In almost all cases, the SecureDesktop solution does not require changes to the firewall, which means it is easy and quick to deploy. Once setup, users install the non-intrusive SecureDesktop app on their device from the app store or Google Play Store.

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