Revisão Anual da AVTECH: Como foi o nosso 2020

Despite the unexpected hardships we all faced this year, AVTECH is still extremely proud to say that 2020 was a year of development, growth and new opportunities. We were able to achieve many of our goals for 2020 while also adapting effectively to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some brief highlights of our major milestones from this year.


  • NEW PRODUCT: We launched the Room Alert 32S, the most advanced & secure, highest capacity Room Alert which offers HTTPS/SSL web interface, SSL/TLS email notifications, multiple versions of SNMP, 2048-bit encryption and SSL push for data to reach the Room Alert Account online portal.
  • AWARD: AVTECH was named the DRI International 2020 Product/Service of the Year Finalist.


  • TRADE SHOW: We attended MSP Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida from February 11th to the 14th. Founder & CEO Michael Sigourney discussed how proactive environment monitoring with Room Alert is crucial for all managed service providers.
  • AWARD: Room Alert was named the 2019 TMC Data Center Excellence Award Winner. We received this award thanks to Room Alert’s proven track record for preventing and minimizing costly downtime in data centers, server rooms and other IT settings.


  • TRADE SHOW: On March 3rd & 4th we attended FM Ireland in Dublin, Ireland. Here, Founder & CEO Michael Sigourney, spoke to Richard Kaye who is with one of our Ireland resellers, Briarpark Security Systems.
  • TRADE SHOW: On March 11th & 12th we attended Data Centre World in London.
  • COVID RESPONSE: To help support our customers during an unprecedented time, we offered a no-cost Room Alert Account upgrade to the Professional tier of our service. This provided all of our users with free access to many advanced features for 6 months to help improve their monitoring capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • COVID RESPONSE: Our team started the transition to primarily working remotely in response to the pandemic.



  • NEW TOOL: We developed a free downloadable Business Continuity Plan Checklist to help organizations track and improve upon their business continuity planning efforts.
  • WEBINAR: We held a webinar with Atlas World where Founder & CEO Michael Sigourney discussed the top environment threats such as temperature & humidity, power & flood and how Room Alert prevents and minimizes these damages.


AWARD: Room Alert was named the “Best In Environment Monitoring Solutions” Winner by Corporate Vision Magazine which helps reinforce AVTECH as one of the market leaders in business continuity and IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring since 1988.


NEW PRODUCT: We launched the Room Alert 12S, the second monitor in our Room Alert PRO line. The Room Alert 12S offers all of the same advanced and secure features of the Room Alert 32S in a more compact monitor.



NEW PRODUCT: We shared a preview of features that were to come in Room Alert Manager later in the year such as easier alerting, firmware updates, escalation of actions and more.



  • NEW TOOL: We launched our free interactive Business Downtime Calculator tool. Our Downtime Calculator helps businesses determine how much downtime will cost depending on their number of employees, annual revenue and average employee salary.
  • NEW PRODUCT: We officially introduced Room Alert Manager, our next-gen local monitoring software platform. Room Alert Manager takes all the popular features that we know our customers enjoyed in Device ManageR and adds even more useful capabilities to take proactive environment monitoring to the next level.
  • WEBINAR: We held a webinar with Data Centres Ireland where Founder & CEO Michael Sigourney discussed the importance of Environmental Monitoring in Data Centers to prevent Data Loss and downtime.


  • NEW TOOL: We conducted our own in-house experiments to prove the effectiveness of our Room Alert Mobile UV System. The series of experiments we performed proved our UV light to be effective in killing bacteria and inactivating viruses.
  • NEW TOOL: Many new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) were published to support the launch of Room Alert Manager.
  • NEW TOOL: We performed a major infrastructure upgrade for Room Alert Account that will allow the platform to scale well beyond current levels with improved performance and reduction of future unplanned downtime.

We are excited for what 2021 will bring and look forward to sharing our new products and enhancements to existing products with our customers. We have an extensive feature roadmap planned for Room Alert Manager with multiple updates planned in the first quarter of 2021.

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught all of us, it’s the importance of planning for the unexpected. Room Alert can help protect your organization from the 30% of downtime caused by environment conditions, and our Business Continuity ChecklistDowntime Calculator and other tools can help you understand and mitigate the causes of downtime within your organization. With Room Alert now installed in 187 countries, and in business for over 32 years, you can trust AVTECH to help protect your organization from damage and downtime in 2021 and beyond.

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