Don’t Take Our Word For It – AVTECH And Room Alert In The News

AVTECH and Room Alert have been recognized by a number of publications for offering one of the leading proactive environment monitors available. Here is a sampling of some of the coverage AVTECH and Room Alert have received in recent years.

“Offering the New Gen Environmental Monitoring” Mirror Review

“AVTECH – Keeping Temperature and Environment Under Control” Insights Success Magazine

“Being A ‘PRO’ At Keeping Technology Secure” Providence Business News

“AVTECH’s Modern Take On Facility Protection Is Transforming How We Approach Data Loss” Global Smart Leaders Magazine

IOT Evolution Interviews Michael Sigourney About Room Alert And Business Continuity

“AVTECH – Experts In Environmental Factors Monitoring” IT Infraworld Magazine

“Built On Innovation” Corporate Vision Magazine

City Of Santa Clarita Implements ‘Pilot Program’ To Reduce Traffic Congestion” KHTS Radio

“Safeguarding Critical Environments” Providence Business News

AVTECH President Rick Grundy Discusses Environment Monitoring

“How Startups Can Benefit From Environment Monitoring” Disaster Recovery Journal

“New California Law May Force Businesses Across US to Reveal Data Practices” Los Angeles Daily News

“AVTECH Opens Distribution Center In Ireland” Providence Business News

Interview with AVTECH Founder & CEO Michael Sigourney at IT Expo

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