Aternity Democratizes DEM Across the Enterprise with New Digital Experience Index

Aternity®, the enterprise-class Digital Experience Management Company™, today announced the Aternity Digital Experience Index (DXI)™. Powered by the Aternity DEM platform, DXI automatically identifies the digital experience hot spots across the enterprise impacting employees and customers, provides actionable insight into those hot spots, and sets organizations on a path to action and continuous improvement.

Aternity DXI enables the entire business to collaborate on digital experience management (DEM) by providing actionable insights into investments that make a meaningful impact across the organization including IT, HR, and the C-Suite.

The digital experience of employees and customers is more important than ever, but there is no “one size fits all” approach, and most organizations do not know where to begin their DEM journey. Aternity DXI enables organizations to tailor their digital experience goals based on their business and measure success against industry benchmarks.

Key benefits of Aternity DXI include:

  • Real-time Digital Experience Goal-Setting – Customizable analytics enables customers to tailor the scoring model to their individual priorities and the technology goals that drive the most value for the business.
  • Define “What Good Looks Like” with Dynamic Industry Benchmarking – Scores can be compared against the industry standards across all verticals within minutes to drive internal enterprise digital experience objectives.
  • Continuous Improvement for Employee and Customer Experience – IT can continually improve the digital experience of all users with granular measurements to drive performance and productivity.
  • Proactive Suggestions to Drive Business Outcomes – Recommendations for improvement can be leveraged across departments including HR, IT, and the C-Suite to determine the overall business impact.
  • Maximize Business Performance of Every Critical Applications – Monitor every click in any application including all business-critical apps, thick client, and virtual apps.

Aternity’s Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker recently detailed how applications can achieve different levels of performance when used in the office and remotely. With Aternity DXI, organizations can tailor their digital experience goals based on their business-critical applications to measure the impact of their transition to a hybrid workforce and identify a path to continuous improvement as the hybrid workforce becomes permanent.

“Aternity is the only DEM vendor to give business or IT professionals actionable insights into their key business processes that directly affect business outcomes,” said Bill Hewitt, CEO, Aternity. “With Aternity DXI, businesses can now sense and respond to changes in their environment in real-time, improving the digital experience for every end-user and the enterprise as a whole. DEM will be the new driver for optimizing business performance.”

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