Lanzamiento de la aplicación ownCloud Android 2.18

The ownCloud Android App 2.18 brings new settings options, like using separate accounts for photo and video uploads. Please have a look at your settings after updating! It comes with a completely reworked settings interface in line with Android X recommendations, plus a number of other improvements. If you use logging and camera auto-uploads, please make sure to re-enable them after the upgrade!

Camera uploads are now more flexible

With the ownCloud Android App 2.18, you can now optionally auto-upload photos and videos separately from different camera apps or folders.

Also, when using more than one ownCloud account in the app, users can now set one of the accounts as default for camera auto-uploads. Up until now, camera auto-uploads were stored in the active account at the time of taking a photo or video. That could sometimes lead to photo libraries fragmented between multiple accounts.

Those new possibilities mean that existing camera uploads settings are disabled on upload and have to be re-enabled!

Other improvements: Cover art and apk handling

With the ownCloud Android App 2.18, users can now access the settings tab when there is no ownCloud account set up in the app. The music player view now shows available cover art. The app now can handle .apk files in a useful manner. The optional logging capabilities can now enabled or disabled much easier.

Please check your settings after upgrading!

As your settings for camera uploads and for logging are reset on updating, they require manual re-enabling after the update. Please check your settings after upgrading to your ownCloud Android App to 2.18 to make sure they reflect your preferences.

Get the App on the Play Store. For more details, check out the release post on ownCloud Central.

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