New release: Through ICAP, ownCloud Enterprise now works with the major names in Anti-Virus

We are proud to release the ownCloud Anti-Virus App version 1.0.0 that now features the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol or ICAP for Enterprise installations.

For secure content collaboration, one essential aspect is keeping out malicious code like trojans or viruses. The ownCloud Anti-Virus App is great at this. In corporate settings, it can now leverage enterprise-grade anti-virus scanning engines like Kaspersky Scan Engine or McAfee Web Gateway to check files as they are uploaded into ownCloud. This means ownCloud can now be fortified using the anti-virus solution already in place in an organization.

Integrates easily with enterprise-grade anti-virus scanners

We are proud to release the ownCloud Anti-Virus App version 1.0.0 that now features the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol or ICAP for Enterprise installations. Using ICAP, admins can integrate their favorite enterprise-grade anti-virus Scanners to keep malicious code from making its way into their ownCloud. In such a setup, ownCloud delegates the scanning of files on upload to another machine, the ICAP server. The ICAP server then checks it and either greenlights it or, if malicious code is found, treats it according to settings and policies, notifying the ownCloud server. ownCloud can then reject the upload and start suitable reporting protocols. This way, ownCloud Enterprise ensures a high level of security for content collaboration.

Mitigating the impact of Anti-Virus protection on performance

While anti-virus protection as such does take a toll on performance, this can be mitigated thanks to ICAP, allowing for more uploads at the same time. The trick is to offload the scanning to an anti-virus engine that is deployed separately, lightening the load on the upload server when compared to a same-machine setup.

Great anti-virus protection, now with more choice

Out of the box, the ownCloud Anti-Virus App has worked with ClamAV for a long time as the officially supported virus scanner. It is great and suits many deployments very well. However, larger organizations need more choice. Many have policy requirements or technical necessities. There often already is a commitment to a specific enterprise-grade anti-virus scanning engine. The ownCloud Anti-Virus App now taps into that existing expertise and investment to safeguard file integrity and content collaboration workflows.

ICAP support is the logical next step as we strive to enable organizations to integrate ownCloud Enterprise seamlessly into their corporate IT environments. With ownCloud Enterprise, organizations can already leverage LDAP and OpenID Connect for user and identity management, use Splunk for reporting and make Windows Network Drives for advanced team collaboration, among others.

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