MAX Transit 5G

A broadcasting team constantly uploads videos to share online, and regularly holds live streams to interact with viewers. The team was using routers with low throughput and poor cellular data uplink rates. This resulted in slow multimedia uploads and long delays for their broadcasts.

Knowing that they cannot continue with this setup, they turned to Peplink for a new connectivity solution. The broadcasting team required a setup that would deliver jitter-free content in real-time, and one that was portable as the team does broadcasts from varying locations.

The MAX Transit 5G router was suggested as the most optimal device as its high cellular data uplink makes it ideal for uploading multimedia content online. And with the MAX Transit 5G supporting a wider range of bands, the team can achieve lower latency, resulting in less buffering when hosting live streams. The device’s dual-band Wi-Fi then maximizes throughput by allowing two independent networks to work simultaneously.

Also perfect for mobile deployments, the MAX Transit 5G has two Micro-USB B ports allowing the broadcasting team to use power banks as a stable power supply. They can now upload media content and organize live streams with ease anytime, anywhere.

Peplink MAX Transit 5G routers

(To be continued…)

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